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Santa Clara County Outpatient Treatment
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
(408) 468-0100

Central Treatment and Recovery Center
(408) 792-5656

Drug Abuse Treatment
(408) 885-5400

Family and Children Services
(408) 292-9353

Greendale House Treatment Program
Men Only

Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley
(408) 445-3400

Kaiser Santa Teresa CDS
(408) 972-3366

New Life Recovery Centers Inc
(408) 297-1182

Positive Progression
(888) 333-3963

Proyecto Primavera
(408) 977-1591

Central Valley Methadone Clinic
(408) 885-5400

Santa Clara County AODS
(408) 272-6518

East Valley Treatment
(408) 272-6581

Support System Homes
(408) 370-9688

The Addiction Recovery Center
(408) 491-9804

San Martin
South County Meth Clinic
(408) 683-4053

Santa Clara
Pathway Society Inc
(408) 244-1834

Portia Clinic
(650) 669-1877
(408) 370-9688

Camp Recovery Centers
(408) 367-2190

Kaiser Permanente CDRP
(408) 366-4200

East Palo Alto
Free at Last IOP
(650) 462-6999

Asian American Recovery Services
(408) 271-3900

Kaiser Permanente CDS
(408) 945-5082

Morgan Hill
Pathway Society South County
(408) 244-1834

Pathway Society
(408) 782-6300

Mountain View
New Outlooks Program
(650) 965-2020

Family and Children's Services
(650) 326-6576

North County Treatment
(650) 328-1441

OHS Drunk Driver Program

Palo Alto
Daytop Village Inc
(650) 325-6466x15

North County Treatment
(650) 328-144

San Jose
Advent Group Ministries
(408) 281-0708

Amicus House

Asian Americans for Community Involvement
(408) 975-2730

Asian American Recovery Services
(408) 271-3900

Benny McKeown Center
(408) 259-6565x108

St. Helena Recovery Center Duffy's Rehab
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Here you will find outpatient treatment in Santa Clara County. The outpatient treatment providers in this section may provide one or several of the following levels of care: partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, or outpatient. Many outpatient treatment programs have a set amount of hours for all participants while others are flexible. Outpatient treatment programs may offer anywhere from 1 to 20+ weekly hours of addiction counseling depending on the program.

Outpatient alcohol and drug treatment is helpful to those that don't need inpatient treatment or have already completed an inpatient program. It allows a person to get help or continue their recovery while still working and living their day to day life.

Outpatient treatment in conjunction with participation in a 12 step program and sober living can be an alternative for those that cannot afford, or otherwise gain access to, inpatient treatment
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