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Nevada County Treatment
Here you will find information for Residential Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Therapists and Counselors that specialize in addiction and Sober Living Environments located in Nevada County Ca.

Find support to help you recover from the addiction that has gripped a hold of you and controlled your life. Through treatment, therapy, 12-step programs and a strong support system, people can have a life free from substance abuse. Happiness can be found again through dedication and a strong program of recovery.
Grass Valley
Pamela Aldridge, LAADC
(530) 277-5280
Many times we find out that our addictions stem from some kind of traumatic experience. At first we use to numb those feelings because it makes us feel better, not even knowing that the problem is something you probably didn't think about. For some people, Inpatient treatment is enough, but for most it doesn't do anything more than give them 30 days without a substance and some education about addiction.

That is where licensed therapists and counselors that specialize in addiction come in. They are the ones that actually help you get to the root, or cause, of the problem and help you to heal from that. They guide you to find out why you do what you do and how to actually fix it. Without fixing the real problem, the addiction will continue to rule your life. Only with professional counseling can you truly overcome your pain which is the fuel addiction needs to keep going.

Many people go through rehab several times and hit a bottom so low before they can overcome things because they need to get that low for the pain to become so unbearable that the only choice they have is to get help or die. Only then are those lucky enough to still be alive able to have the strength to truly work on their recovery. That is the long hard road. If those people would have searched out a qualified therapist and counselor with extensive knowledge about addiction, they could have recovered much sooner with less damage to themselves, their lives and families.

Whether you are just out of rehab or just thinking you may have a problem, a qualified therapist is needed to stay on track. Please contact one of these therapists today!
Addiction Psychotherapy Counselors in Nevada County
Grass Valley
Community Recovery Resources
530-273-9541 x 231

Community Recovery Resources
530-273-9541 x 231
Arcuria Certified Sober Living Homes in Nevada County
Outpatient Treatment
Grass Valley
Chapa De Behavioral Health department

Nevada County Behavioral Health
(530) 265-1437

Community Recovery Resources (CoRR)
(530) 271-9541

Nevada City
Common Goals
(530) 265-2914

Community Recovery Resources CORR
Grass Valley
Hope House
(530) 271-1140

Nevada City
Progress House
Residential Treatment for drug and alcohol abuse provides a safe and supportive, highly structured, environment to detoxify the body and learn about addiction. It is a starting block for most people and provides 24 hour support while going through the beginning stage of recovery.

Residents are educated about addiction, recovery, and relapse to begin to break the cycle of deception and denial. They will be taught relapse prevention, coping skills, refusal skills, and how to recognize bad thought patterns that lead to relapse. They may also be introduced to 12 step programs. They begin to see how their addiction has affected their lives and the lives of others
Outpatient Treatment for alcohol and drug abuse and addiction is helpful to those that don't need residential treatment or have already completed a residential program. It allows a person to get help or continue their recovery while still working and living a normal life.

Outpatient treatment in conjunction with participation in a 12 step program and sober living can be an alternative for those that cannot afford or otherwise gain access to residential treatment.
Residential Treatment
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