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SLE Certification in California
Our Certification Requirements may become more stringent as we continue the process of becoming an accredited certifying agency.
Arcuria Certification Requirements:
This is a partial list. Please see our Recovery Residency (Sober Living) Certification Packet for more details.

The Residential structure, maintenance, and landscaping should be kept in a manner equal to, or better than, the surrounding neighborhood. If it is obvious that it is an SLE then you are doing a disservice to those participating and the neighbors

House Furniture:
___Clean, functional and unbroken furniture must be present with no major rips or tears

Living Room:
___A Living room must be present, providing enough space for relaxed, seated assembly

Sleeping Areas:
___Sleeping areas must include a bed for each person
___Sleeping areas must include a dresser or drawer space as well as closet space for each individual
___Bedrooms are the only rooms to be used as sleeping areas
___Bedrooms used as sleeping areas may not be used for any other purposes
___Proof of builders permit is required for any remodeled and/or newly built bedrooms in use
___No room may be enclosed within another unfinished room (including a garage)
___Each room can have no more beds than is reasonable for the size. If bunk beds are used, the room must be large enough to comfortably use twin beds on the floor and dressers for each individual. They may be used to maximize space but not to put more people than reasonable into a room.

Kitchen and Dining Areas:
___Dining Room tables and chairs must be suitable for family meals
___Kitchen and Dining Tables are kept clear for frequent use
___Space must be provided for dry food storage
___5 cubic feet of cold food storage per person  (1 large fridge per 4 people) must be provided
___All dishes and cooking implements shall be washed upon use
___Adequate hot water for dish washing, and showering must be provided

___No more than 5 persons per bathroom
___Bathrooms shall be monitored for cleanliness

___Management monitors safety and sobriety of residents
___Management has not had, and agrees not to have, sex with residents
___Plumbing and electrical requests are responded to and addressed within 24 hours.
___Maintenance requests are responded to and addressed within one month.
___Cleaning supplies, toilet paper and laundry soap are provided for upkeep of sanitation
___Waste and unused items are dealt with properly
___Records of signed house rules and resident agreement. (Records must be kept for at      least 2 years post discharge)
___Working Smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher shall be placed in every kitchen
___Drug and Alcohol testing must be conducted and the dates and results documented
___All records should be kept confidential and protected by either lock or password
___Management must be clean and sober and agree to submit to drug or alcohol testing upon request by Arcuria which would be triggered by someone filing a complaint.
___Place the phone number for Arcuria in a conspicuous place so residents can call if they believe management/house parent is using.

Signed Agreement:
Pre-signed House Rules must state: 
___No alcohol or drug use allowed
___No alcohol, items containing alcohol or drugs are allowed on the property
___Anyone possessing drugs or alcohol, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or refusing to submit to a drug or alcohol test will immediately be asked to leave in order to preserve the environment as clean and sober

Site Visit Fee:
___Site Visit Fee of $100 (Not Refundable) must be paid in full.
___Add $25 for each additional location within a County
___Add $200 Travel Fee if you are located in Southern California
___Add $100 Travel Fee if you are located in Central California

Each Recovery Residence location is Arcuria Certified for a period of 1 Year. 

Failure to continue to meet any of the above requirements will result in end of certification and removal from website.  Investigations will be conducted when claims are made that an SLE is not meeting certification requirements. 
Call Us and Schedule a Site Visit  707-778-8582

How long does the process take?
In most cases we come out and visit you and then you are immediately certified for 1 year.  We will mail you a certificate and publish your certification online within 2 weeks.

How long does the site visit take? 
In most cases the site visit takes about an hour per house.  More time may be needed for education and recommendations. We will look for evidence that shows proof that your SLE is run as you report: fire extinguisher, full drug testing panels, response time of whoever is managing the facility, etc.

We will get as much information from you ahead of time as possible.  You can ask us questions about how your SLE will need to be set up. 
We are here to help
Commentary by Mr. Arcuria

There are two different kinds of SLE's... 
1. Democratic (I.E. Oxford Houses)
2. Management Run

SLE's can
-Have Rules
-Have Structure
-Have House Meetings
-Require Urine Analysis
-Provide Locked/Safe Areas for and monitor the taking of medication

Rules May Include:
-Participation in Outside Services

SLE's Cannot
-Offer or provide Detoxification
-Offer or provide Treatment
-Offer or provide Counseling or Therapy
-Offer any kind of Medical Care
-Dispense Medications

SLE's need to be fairly careful how they promote themselves.  Here are words to avoid claiming to offer:

Support Sessions-------Counseling
*Get the Basic Message?

Leave inpatient treatment to licensed treatment centers and outpatient treatment to certified outpatient centers, and licensed individuals. This prevents unlicensed people from doing harm.

Effective Immediately: All Sober Living Environments, Certified by Arcuria after 11/2010,  will agree that live in management/house parents will submit to testing by Arcuria. If there are complaints about active use by residents that management is ignoring or by management itself, Arcuria will attempt to resolve the issue. Any Sober Living Environment that doesn't agree to this policy will not be able to be certified. We understand that relapse occurs. This is intended to educate management about the responsibilities involved in keeping a home clean and sober and to create a safe place in which management is held to the same standard as clients. Management may request independent 3rd party testing by Arcuria at any time at the expense of management.
Download California Recovery Residence (Sober Living) Certification Application Packet

Arcuria Certification
for Recovery Residences (Sober Living) in California
Arcuria provides independent, 3rd party, certification of Recovery Residences (Sober Living Homes) in the State of California. "Certification refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person, or organization. This confirmation is often, but not always, provided by some form of external review, education, or assessment." In the case of Arcuria, we certify that minimum standards are met within the home including structure, management, staff (if any) and clean and sober policy. Every home within an organization is visited and all must pass to be certified.

We have experience running Sober Living homes, and working actively with those in recovery as well as professionals in the field. Our primary concern is the person in recovery and the policy of "do no harm." Safety, respect and dignity of the resident is paramount. When meeting our requirements we also ask ourselves if we would feel comfortable referring a person in recovery to that home.

Our standards have evolved since we began business and are still undergoing changes as we participate in the development of nation wide standards through the National Association of Recovery Residences (NARR).
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